What We Do.

We.APP prepares adults, youth, and organizations to use their voice to develop powerful, authentic messages.

How we do it.

Our Philosophy

Individuals who speak with purpose have the greatest level of impact and engagement.

We.APP teaches professionals and youth how to view their voice as an instrument; An instrument that's designed to deliver stories or conversations, not presentations. The voice, along with the body and mind are retrained to communicate conviction, passion, transparency, and more importantly, a gift.

Authentic Voice Method

Everyone has a unique message. That message is a gift designed to inspire others.  Speaking in public isn’t about the presentation, but the ability to inspire your audience using your choice of words and unique style.  Once we learn to be transparent with our words and remove fear of self-judgment and criticism, we give ourselves permission to speak with confidence and intention that inspires others to listen and move to action!

Tools for Success

  • VOICE: Instrument used to align intent, personality, + content

  • MOVEMENT: Natural extension of breath and emotions that allow the audience to visualize the verbal message

  • AUTHENTIC SELF: Exploration in a safe, encouraging atmosphere that challenges each individual to use personal experiences and skills to command the audience and connect with the world

Find your voice.